OpenOcean is Hiring

OpenOcean is hiring now! As our platform expands, our team is expanding too. You will be joining a fast-growing and promising project in crypto space, and be exposed to various excellent opportunities to shape your long-term career. Come and sail on OpenOcean🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

General Description: Global Marketing Manager

Responsibilities: Help to drive and shape the global marketing strategy and be responsible for its execution.

  1. Set up monthly marketing plan to increase exposure to media and make sure that the monthly increase of users/followers/telegram users can meet with the marketing strategy and product roadmap of;
  2. Cultivate and seek collaboration opportunities with KOLs for marketing exposures;
  3. Research and analyze on innovation, industry trends, competitive landscape and use-case studies to facilitate better product strategies and market positioning;
  4. Increase the user number and trading volume of the OpenOcean.Finance by engaging with global corporations, institutions and projects to expand network of collaborations;
  5. Represent OpenOcean.Finance as global marketing manager for AMAs, seminars and forums;
  6. Facilitate with the implementation of documentations and marketing material on social medias


  1. Have passions in project marketing
  2. Self-motivated, capable of working under a fast-paced working environment
  3. Experience in Defi projects

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