OOE Vault Continues on OpenOcean

OOE vault on OpenOcean Ethereum directly continues with new rewards

2 min readAug 26, 2021


The current 30 days rewards program on OpenOcean Ethereum OOE vault will be directly continued by a new 60 days program. Current stakers can leave their stake with peace in mind because the new program will be directly deployed on the existing vault. Newcomers! This is an opportunity to make your OOE work for you — stake OOE to earn OOE.

The vault is part of OpenOcean’s cruise to distribute fairly and become more decentralized.

Program details

Directly continued from August 26, 2am, to October 25, 2am 2021 UTC
Network: Ethereum
Reward: 100,000 $OOE (calculated and distributed per block)
Duration: 60 days
Terms: No lock-up, can be unstaked at any time
Contract address: 0xb99d38eb69214e493b1183ffa3d561fc9f75d519

How to stake?

Single token staking is a simple and easy way to make your OOE earn more OOE. Users can simply click “Vault” on OpenOcean to access and connect the wallet on Ethereum network. It simply requires you to stake your OOE and in return you will receive rewards.

The OOE can be unstaked at any time. To get started you need OOE on Ethereum and some ETH to pay for the transaction fees when staking and withdrawing.

Generally speaking, single token staking is compared to liquidity mining:

  • Less complicated because you only need one token and stake that directly whereas liquidity mining requires you first to supply liquidity, then receive LP tokens that can be staked.
  • Less risky because there is no impermanent loss.
  • Yields less profit because the risks are lower.

Don’t have OOE on Ethereum?

Option 1: Transfer OOE from Centralized Exchanges that support OOE and send to your Ethereum wallet address.

Option 2: Transfer OOE from BSC/ONT network to ETH network via Poly Bridge. Guide here.

More to come, stay tuned!

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