$FLIP Whitelist campaign by ChainFlip and OpenOcean

2 min readAug 15, 2023

ChainFlip and OpenOcean make a splash with their new Galxe campaign. Launching on a chain near you, users will be able to interact with the OpenOcean platform, learn about our new partnership with ChainFlip and win a whitelist spot for the $FLIP token sale.

ChainFlip and OpenOcean are joining forces to improve cross-chain transfers for the OpenOcean community and for the wider web3 audience. By integrating ChainFlip into our cross-chain swaps we’re powering up the platform and making inter-chain swaps more flexible and affordable; we’re currently inviting users to partake in our campaign to win a whitelist spot for ChainFlip’s upcoming tokensale on CoinList. Chainflip will help usher in a new era of native swaps to new chains, which will give OpenOcean the ability to deepen the advancement of the on-chain trading narrative.

How to take part
Users wishing to earn their chance at a token whitelist spot for the upcoming $FLIP token need to follow a few tasks on Galxe to be eligible!

First head on over to the Galxe page here to get started with the campaign! You‘ll need to complete the listed tasks as well as complete a cross-chain swap on the OpenOcean platform. To find OpenOcean’s cross-chain swaps, click here app.openocean.finance

Once you’ve completed all the tasks, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win that all important $FLIP token sale whitelist! Be the first to get a piece of cross-chain history with the OpenOcean x ChainFlip campaign. Also be on the lookout for our announcement that ChainFlip swaps are live, it’ll be with you soon… we promise! So what are you waiting for, lets go! 🚀

Start your entry now!

For OpenOcean community members, be on the lookout for extra ways to earn a whitelist token slot! 👀 👀

About ChainFlip
ChainFlip is a pioneering secure cross-chain AMM platform. Their Automated Market Maker allows users to swap native assets across any chains with extremely low slippage. Chainflip aims to become a network of networks, supporting increasingly specialised cross-chain liquidity platforms at the most accessible rates.

About OpenOcean
OpenOcean is a leading DEX Aggregator, a cross-chain swap aggregator, and Web3 middleware developer in the crypto space, offering a suite of tools across 30+ networks and 1000+ deep liquidity sources. OpenOcean is building a one-stop trading platform, to bring users the best swap returns on their decentralised crypto trading journey.

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OpenOcean is the leading DEX Aggregator. Our intelligent routing algorithm finds the best final swap returns across major DEXs with top trading efficiency.